Take Time to Read These Motivational Quotes and Lift Your Spirits

During challenging moments, inspirational quotes can be our saviours. Reading such powerful, motivational quotes can give us the boost we need to overcome a situation and push on. Here, we aim to introduce you to 4 motivational quotes and why you should take time to read them.

Liz from Liz’s Life Lessons: “You must do the things you think you cannot do.” Reading such quotes can remind us to take risks and ensure the impossible is possible. We can be reminded to take steps to achieve our goals and to push ourselves to the next level.

By Lewis Aron: “The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.” During hard times, it is easy to let our temporary emotions consume us; however, we must remain strong and be reminded of the lessons these moments can provide. Reminding ourselves that our pain can empower us to emerge stronger is key.

Marianne Williamson: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”. This quote can be empowering as it enables us to take hold of our power and use it for good. We must remember that we can use our strength to rebuild and create.

Paulo Coelho: “Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” Here, Coelho reminds us of the importance of relying on our own experiences and not being afraid to be brave. Making our own mistakes can encourage us to see the deeper meaning and beauty within our own lives.

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The Necessity of Taking Time Out

Whilst we can often forget to make time to read motivational quotes, taking time out to allow ourselves to take in such quotes is crucial. We must take the time to appreciate our own strength and personal development, and reading such quotes can help us do this. Taking 10 minutes during our lunch, or setting the alarm 10 minutes earlier are two simple solutions to make such ‘me-time’.

When we can make the effort to set ourselves a reminder, we become more aware of our strengths and of the lessons hardship can teach. Reading such quotes allows us to create an inner-dialogue of positivity that can become invaluable when we attempt to work through a situation.

Amid worries of the future, we can become caught in an unproductive cycle of rumination. Reading these quotes can not only inspire us to push forward, but also assure us that such challenges will pass.

The Inspiration Behind the Quotes

Whilst these quotes can easily slip our minds, we must remember that there is a powerful story behind each of them. Realising the journey of where they came from can help us appreciate the wisdom these people have shared.

Reading Liz’s life’s lessons can provide us with insight into how such lessons have been experienced and grown through. Referencing the stories behind such quotes can enable us to take on the writers’ courage and strength and make it our own.

Moreover, connecting such stories to our own trouble can be calming and make the process of crisis more bearable. These stories can assist us in finding meaning and hope in our own stories.

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The Value in Returning to Quotes

We must remember to return to such motivational quotes whenever needed. We have the opportunity to become familiar with such quotes and make them our own. Revisiting favourites can cause us to associate such quotes with comfort, thus encouraging us to learn from them.

Moreover, returning regularly to new quotes can add to our collection of achievable and wise ways to deal with issues. When feeling both weak and determined, such quotes can be the bridge between the two, holding both feelings together.

Furthermore, returning to quotes can act as a normalisation of our own experience. These quotes can assure us that motivational quotes are unites, and reading them can help remind us that we are not alone.

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